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Life Beading 

What is Life Beading? 

People have always wanted to know how to live a meaningful and happy life.

We are fortunate to have some very good answers from humanity's greatest "life coaches", such as the Buddha, the Stoics and Confucius.  


We try to take it all in. The self-help and wellness industry also offers a myriad of support with books, courses, and retreats. 


But when 'real life' and its endless task-list gets in the way, those wonderful insights and resolutions fade.

I know - its happened to me.  That's where Life Beading comes in. 

Bead crafting, mala making, Life Beading
Bead crafting, mala making, Life Beading

"Beware the barrenness of a busy life"- Socrates 

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"Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most" - The Buddha

Life Beading Offers a Simple Solution.


Life Beading is structured around the wonderful life advice and experience of the ages that we have access to.

We journey through mind, body, relationships with others, harmony with nature and even to the perspective of the cosmos itself.


For each, we choose a bead. 


 We build connection with people around the room, and with the ideas that manifest around the bead through warm discussion, reflection and visualisations. 

By the end of the experience, you will have created your own set of Life Beads to take home and remember what matters most. 

What Can You Expect in a Life Beading Workshop?

  • The workshop is a 2 hour experience.

  •  A colourful array of assorted beads to choose from.

  • Meet like-minded people.

  • Time out for creativity, learning and enrichment.  

  • Engaging visualisations and discussions on the timeless teachings.

  • No previous experience of philosophy or psychology needed. Nor beading!

Next Workshop

Saturday 1 June 

10:30 -12:30

At Jenna Blair Yoga, 

Shrewsbury SY3 7NN

£15 p.p

Bead crafting, mala making, Life Beading
Bead crafting, mala making, Life Beading

What people are saying about Life Beading: 

"I've got so much out of my time today. It was like two hours of blissful therapy, energizing, relaxing and inspiring.

My string of beads will be a treasured possession". 

"A rare treat of an experience" 

"Thank you for a lovely morning. So reflective"

"I loved handling the beads"

"I have craved this. Thank you" 

What's the Inspiration Behind Life Beading? 


My experience in teaching philosophy and life coaching has introduced me to a wealth of ideas about the art of living well. Over the years, I've been on Himalayan retreats, read stacks of books and engaged in perhaps hundreds of mind-expanding discussions. 


I'm certain that we do know how to live a happier and more fulfilling life - it's not a secret. 


But how to integrate those insights into daily life? 


I learned from the tradition of Buddhist malas and Catholic rosaries - having something tangible in your hand.  That's how Life Beading was born - the desire to make these profound insights memorable and practical. 

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The Benefits of Life Beading are Lasting...

Engage in thoughtful, dynamic discussions that tap into rivers of wisdom from humanity's greatest thinkers and, of course, your own. 


Take home Life Beads that hold your wisdom, bringing calm and clarity to a busy world. 

Bead crafting, mala making, Life Beading
Bead crafting, mala making,  Life Beading

Next Workshop

Saturday 1 June 

10:30 -12:30

At Jenna Blair Yoga, 

Shrewsbury SY3 7NN

£15 p.p

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  • Is this jewellery making?
    Your beads aren't for wearing as a necklace or bracelet (though you could do, if you wanted). Think of them more as a tool - something which not only looks pretty but is full of life-enhancing symbolism.
  • Is this just for people who are interested in spirituality or religion?
    No. People of all faiths or no faith; people who consider themselves on a spiritual path or aren't accustomed to thinking in those terms at all - all are welcome. Everyone will find something of value because this is about LIFE - the one universal experience we all share. Discussions revolve around how we can live meaningfully and happily.
  • What is philosophy?
    The word 'philosophy' comes from the Greek for 'love of wisdom'. I like to think of it as 'getting to the bottom of things'. It can involve simple reflection, turning over ideas and discussion. We are all philosophers in our own way. One of the main concerns of philosophy is how to flourish - how to live a meaningful and happy life.
  • Will I have to say much in the workshop?
    Only if you want to! There are quiet spaces where you can go and be alone with self-coaching and journaling questions if you prefer. Having attended these kinds of events myself, I too sometimes just want to turn over thoughts on my own. Nobody has to do anything, or say anything, if they don't want to.
  • Can I bring my child?
    Life Beading is a lovely thing to do in family groups. I recommend a thoughtful teen - 14yrs and over.
  • Do you offer group discounts or private events?
    Yes. Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.
  • Is the Life Beading the same in every session?
    In terms of the significant points (beads) on the Life Beading journey - at the moment, yes. However new journeys are coming soon, that hone in on different aspects of Living Well.
  • Is this therapy?
    I'm not a therapist, I'm a philosophy teacher and life coach. My participants have called it 'therapy' though. The ideas we consider (backed up by positive psychology), and just taking time out to reflect on what's important in life, is therapeutic. There's always a lot of kindness and support in the room, and "we've all been there" one way or another. There's also plenty of laughter!
  • Is there meditation?
    The Life Beading workshop includes up to 3 guided visualisations. You will be invited to close your eyes and simply listen. People generally find them powerful.
  • What do I take home?
    Your own set of beads, plus a full written accompaniment which provides more insights, readings and reflective questions about each bead (emailed). It also contains a list of some of 'humanity's greatest life coaches' to inspire further exploration if you are curious to learn more.
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