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Personal 1:1 Life Coaching

 It can feel as though we have a lot on our plate running homes, businesses and careers with all the responsibilities and decisions that this entails


Perhaps you are at a crossroads or want to ensure you are building a life and legacy which is positive, rewarding and meaningful.


Sometimes a lack of self-belief or indecision makes everything harder to achieve. 


Personal coaching guides you through these challenges.



We might dig into the unhelpful stories we tell ourselves - 'I'm not good enough', 'I can't do this' - and exchange them for truths which are truly transformational.


You may even discover a deeper yearning for the bigger possibilities for your life - the thing that you feel called to experience or create. 

I partner with you to safely explore ideas and take on fresh perspectives which will inspire confidence. I'll encourage you to set goals, form a step-by-step plan, and hold yourself accountable in their achievement. Expect non-judgemental and undistracted listening,  with deep questioning to shed light on the truth about your situation, your goals and aspirations. 

  • Hourly sessions cost £50, or book 5 in advance for just £220 

  • Flexible rescheduling, as and when.

  • Whether you opt for one or two sessions or a more in-depth exploration spanning 5 or more, you set the pace. 


Some clients make rapid insights which they want to act on immediately, for others the path is longer but no less satisfying. 

To discuss how we might work together, start by sending me a message.  

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