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About Me

Committed to supporting you. 

I'm a certified NLP practitioner and life coach; a qualified teacher with 20 years experience leading classes in classical and modern philosophy, religion and ethics. 

Therefore I can share with you a curiosity about human nature, objectivity about the workings of the mind, and openness to the idea that we are connected to a 'higher power' or deeper intelligence. 

The chance to step outside of yourself, peer inwards and find answers:

1. What's the truth about who I am? 

One truth is that you are probably capable of far more than you dare think. There's so much potential to prise open and embrace. That's what life coaching can do for you. 

2. Is there a purpose to life? 

There is at least a personal purpose which you design or uncover for yourself. Life is colourful with that meaning and purpose. That's why personal development should be the highest of priorities. I don't know if this is the only life we have, but right now this is the one life we're in and it's too good to let slip by. 

3. Can I really change? 

Yes. Everything is changing all the time - the cells in your body, the leaf on the ground, your drifting thoughts. Such impermanence is a profound philosophical insight. Yet we become stuck in habits of thinking and behaviour such as, 'it's too late for me', or 'this is who I am'. These beliefs surface within the coaching conversation, and their discovery can be liberating. 

I've gotten over a fair few 'stiles' in my life. No doubt there will be more. It's an honour to help you step over yours. 

Suzannah Husey Morris. Countryside stile.  Life coach. Personal growth. Over the stile.
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